I S O L A T I O N x L O G A N L A N D R Y

ISOLATION from Logan landry on Vimeo.

As we (slowly) close the chapter on winter 2019, and reflect on a relatively good 2018/2019 surf season, we present to you our friend Logan's latest edit. Isolation offers a compilation of waves and places that Logan Landry has ridden, and been over the past year. The clip was mainly filmed in Nova Scotia and Iceland which offer some of the coldest, harshest climates faced by surfers, they are certainly more "wild" than many popular surf destinations. Cold Water surfing offers a variety of unique challenges which are not considered by the average surfer including, hypothermia, extreme weather, and solitude. Logan is currently Nova Scotia's only pro-surfer, and as is showcased by this edit sometimes you have to be willing go the extra mile to get  the shot. On the flip side, for those willing to brave the elements and venture into the unknown, you may end up having a world class wave all to yourself. Something the average Californian surfer could only dream about.