Our Story


Celebrating the bonds you make, on the adventures you take.
We are from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.There is something eternally classic and understated about this place. We hope that some of it rubbed off on our brand. We started Surfing at Lawrencetown Beach in highschool, and before university we traveled the world in search of good waves and good times.
  As brothers we really bonded when we decided to travel together. From Bali to Costa Rica we met people from all over the world that we now consider to be family.
Visiting different countries, experiencing different cultures, and making friends along the way is what spawned our quest for sustainability. We have a responsibility to protect the planet that has given us so much. Wearing Brother Clothing is about more than looking (really) great (in comfort). By Wearing Brother Clothing you become a global citizen, and an ambassador for sustainable development.